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Building the modern web with an eye for design & interaction

Hi, my name is Justin Brazeau and I’m a Canadian web designer. I've been designing and building websites since the early days of Geocities.

Lately I'm focused on product & UI design, frontend development and working with teams on the product side to build web software.


  • Web & UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • UX & Prototyping


  • Frontend Dev
  • Backend Integration
  • DevOps & Admin

JS, APIs & Markup

Highly performant, secure, and overall a better experience. A powerful development setup allowing the use of pre-rendering and CDN's.

Responsive UI

Carefully approach each device size and its constraints within the potential user pool. Grids, flexbox, fluid, fixed - consider all the tools available.

Performance & A11y

Using Native browser APIs and developer tools to scan and optimize performance and accessibility sitewide. Small adjustments go a long way with both asset & code adjustments.

Design Details

Frontend is at an important crossroads in the web between the design and services layer. It's important to have a solid foundation to implement properly.

Asynchronous Flow

Single page apps, server vs. client side rendering, and playing with the javascript event loop have all become important parts of the frontend workflow - and user experience.

Tested & Scaleable

When building out a large scale UI framework or application each component can have its own self isolated testing. A modular system with tests allows for better scalability.

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Recent Projects

A browser homepage dashboard, this project connects some tailored APIs for a quick briefing

A browser homepage dashboard, this project connects some tailored APIs for a quick briefing

Using the vast amounts of financial data out there, this project builds a crypto dashboard overview

Exploring the more popular and widely adapted Web APIs, all natively supported in browser

Tech & Software


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